The Xtadium app is available on the Oculus Quest app here

You don't need a subscription to enjoy Xtadium. The app is currently free as well as filled with free content to watch. In the near future, you may need to purchase premium content in the form of a virtual ticket.

The Xtadium app for the moment is only available in USA.

Close the app, check your internet connection (Meta Quest connectivity troubleshoot), and try to open the app again. If the problem persists, restart the Oculus headset, and try again.  

This means that you need to update the Xtadium app version from the Quest Store. 

Yes, right now it is mandatory to have an Oculus Quest avatar configured in your profile to use the Xtadium app.

There maybe several causes:

  • Your eyes are not correctly aligned with the center of the lenses, please, try to re-adjust the headset.
  • The IPD (Inter Pupillary Distance) is not configured correctly, please check the official Meta documentation here.
  • The video quality of the contents is automatically adapted to your network conditions, if you are experiencing connectivity issues please refer to the official Meta documentation here

Sometimes due to connectivity issues the video playback stops and returns to the Xtadium app menu. Please, refer to the official Meta documentation to fix the connectivity issues here

Check the people menu option in the Oculus (on the headset or in the mobile phone app) if you do not see that friend there, maybe there is a pending confirmation. For more information, please check the official Meta documentation here.

Currently, there is not content available to purchase through the app. However, please note that certain content may require a valid subscription in order to access. 

The valid NBA League Pass subscriptions are League Pass monthly/annual, League Pass Premium monthly/annual and NBA TV monthly/annual. Third-party subscriptions like YouTubeTV are not valid for use in Xtadium. 

Blackout restrictions exist because local and national content providers have certain exclusive rights to televise live games and content. Blackout restrictions include your local NBA team(s) and all nationally televised games. For further information regarding NBA Blackouts, please refer to NBA Blackouts section. 

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